Tony Smurfit Visit

Tony Smurfit visit
His arrival causes fear in the administrators of his plants in Barranquilla. They separate the unionized personnel so that they do not expose problems that are lived in the different plants of the country. Sintracarcol and Sintrapulcar are our unions. We have a Collective Agreement, but our administrators have a collective plan with better benefits than it. This discriminatory and illegal behavior has been maintained for more than 30 years. Our question is: Does Mr Smurfit have knowledge of this behavior? Mr Smurfit, we have accompanied this Multinational for 72 years of the 75 that has already completed its coma. Isn’t it fair that we claim equality in our rights? Why a collective Plan that gives more benefits to more than 1300 workers while 357 unionized have less? We request that you, the absolute owner of the business, cease discrimination against the personnel of our unions.

Sintracarcol and Sintrapulcar

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